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Dieco Capital is a seed investment fund that helps innovative companies in the electronic business to grow. Dieco Capital was founded in 2016 by Harry Diepenmaat. With more than 30 years of expertise in Electronic Design, we are a reliable and versatile partner with global expertise.

Our investment portfolio


Harry Diepenmaat has over 30 years experience in the IC business in various board member and co-founder roles . He is owner of the Dieco Electronics Group, which consists of the companies Bruco Integrated Circuits, Bruco Components and Dizain-Sync. Prior to be one of the seed investors in GreenPeak B.V, he was co-founder and business angel for JIS Nederland BV. Harry Diepenmaat holds a Master's degree in Integrated Circuits and Electronics from the University Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands.


Dieco Capital currently has three divestments. Both Greenpeak, Innoluce and NovioScan were once part of the Dieco Capital portfolio and divested in 2016 (Greenpeak (now Qorvo) and Innoluce(now Infineon Technologies) and in 2020 NovioScan (bought by Essity).

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